School and Beyond Basic Information

The School and Beyond program is aimed at keeping students in school or engaged in vocational education, training and ultimately employment. If you have financial barriers or there is something stopping you from staying or succeeding at school or getting into a course or work contact us to discuss.

What can be funded?

Funds can be accessed for:

  • Items required to participate in education such as books, uniforms, travel costs (where this is the primary barrier to participation)
  • Funding for tutors to support students (where their school cannot
  • Course or program fees (where not subsidised)
  • Travel
  • A program or activity which aims to engage a group of young people in education, training, or employment pathways and which builds their vocational and personal skills, such as a Barista training course or job interview skills.


  • Young person must have an Ellimatta permission form signed by a parent or guardian (unless 18 years old or over)
  • Must be between the age of 12 – 24
  • Were resident in a 2009 bushfire impacted community at the time of the disaster or have subsequently been impacted
  • The young person or parent has consented to be contacted