What we do

We offer a range of programs for young people from individual support to in school workshops for both Primary and Secondary Colleges.   

Centre Drop-In

Our centre drop in runs weekly on Wednesdays and Thursdays for young people.   

Code Club and STEM Makerspace

Learn the skills needed for the future.  Learn to write your own code or get creative in our Makerspace.  Design electronics, print in 3D or use a laser. 

School Workshops

We run a wide variety of in-school programs that focus on resilience and wellbeing. 

Employment and Pathways Support

Are you looking for work or to enrol in a new course?   Come and see us for some one-to-one support.  We can help you with a resume or a pathway plan.

Mental Health

We assist young people lead mentally healthy lives through all programs we deliver. 

Music Performance and Art Programs

We support young musicians to get gigs at local events.  We run many  art activities each year and host an annual art showcase.   

Girls or Boys Group

We create a safe and supportive group environment and run 4 week – 8 week programs having fun and addressing the developmental needs of young people.  


Young people sometimes need to rely on youth worker to speak on their behalf and protect their rights. Contact us if you need assistance to work with various institutions such as school or government. 

Individual Support

Our youth workers provide confidential assistance to young people to ensure they have the information, tools, and support they need to positively move forward in their lives.

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From Our community

We love getting good feedback from people.  Here is just some of what our community is saying about us. 

“Joining Ellimatta has opened up so many leadership opportunities for me as well as connecting me to experienced adults in different fields.”

Kevin Twan

Young Leader, Ellimatta Youth

“I’ve been involved in quite a few resilience workshops post Black Saturday and this one impressed me the most. I would absolutely recommend this program to other schools. It puts children in real life situations through role play and opens up for constructive conversations. They really benefited from having the confidence to express how they feel in situations that normally make them feel uncomfortable to do so. The mindfulness and the role-play will be two things I will be using as a teacher.”


Teacher, Midde Kinglake Primary School

“I started attending the youth group after the fires. I didn’t know it at the time but it became essential to my recovery and many other young people in Kinglake. It was a chance once a week to eat too much food and have fun with my friends. I have since stayed involved with Ellimatta even after my friends have moved on.

I joined the Steer in 2014 with the aim of giving back to the community. I loved the idea because I felt the community and the youth group had done so much for me. The following year I was offered to help facilitate the Steer with a paid position for Ellimatta. It’s been two years since and Ellimatta has continued to support me to becoming a successful leader.

They have helped by sponsoring me to attend the Macpherson Smith Rural Foundation leadership camp and this year encouraged and help me apply for the Rivers and Ranges community leadership program. I have also become a member of Ellimatta’s committee of management and am now the Secretary. I now help run a regular music night where everyone is welcome to come along and jam, which is something I have wanted to see since I joined the Steer. I am getting to do a lot of things for the community that I always wanted to see when I was younger and Ellimatta is supporting and encouraging me every step of the way.”

Kate Chalmers

Young Leader, Ellimatta Youth

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