Why would we run kindness workshops?

The truth is we constantly hear about young people being bullied school. We also hear about all the bullying programs that are out there and we just think …wow… imagine if we taught young people to be kind in the first place maybe there would be less bullying.

Teaching kindness strengthens our emotional intelligence. It helps us to think about others and to consider others wellbeing.

There’s a difference between kindness and compassion. Compassion arises when we reach out to help a person who is suffering and unhappy. By contrast, kindness is the simple act of being friendly to everyone we meet, whether they’re suffering or not.

Toni Bernhard, J.D

When people are kind to us we feel better about ourselves, we feel cared for and feeling cared for gives us a feeling of being safe and belonging. When we belong we feel less anxious or stressed or sad or depressed.

At Ellimatta Youth, with great thanks to Bendigo Bank, Kinglake Ranges Neighbourhood House, Murrindindi Shire Council and FRRR we are spreading kindness through small workshops at Whittlesea College.