Are you looking for work of thinking about starting a small business?


Now you can come and see us for some one-to-one support on Thursdays and Fridays.   


We are meeting people on Thursdays or Fridays to work with you to find you work.  

The Enterprise and Employment Hub offers one on one support to all people of all ages to establish a small business or to find work.

It doesn’t end there.  If you already have a dream and just need a place to call your office, hold meetings, give presentations and have access to wifi, coffee and phone and printers we have it all on offer here at our Hub.

We are working from Kinglake Ranges Neighbourhood House and Flowerdale Community House on a Thursday and we are open all day on a Friday.  So come along, discover new opportunities and receive support to:

  • Develop your confidence
  • Achieve financial security
  • Advice looking for job
  • Motivation and goal setting
  • Enterprise/Business support to start your own business
  • Networking advice and support
  • Help with Resume and Cover Letter
  • Interview techniques and preparation skills
  • Mock interviews
  • Training on online and offline job search
  • Career planning and support
  • Outfits for job interviews or business meetings

Call us now 03 5786 1711 or call the Kinglake Ranges Neighbourhood House 035786 1301 to book an appointment with our jobs and small business coach.   You can also contact us by email at