Case Management KinglakeCase Management and Individual Support

Ellimatta provides Case Management and individual support to young people who could be experiencing difficulty at school, at home, in finding or keeping work, meeting Centrelink requirements or anything else you can think of.  Sometimes we just need to have a chat with someone that isn’t a teacher or a family member or a mate.

Our youth workers provide one-on-one confidential assistance to young people to ensure they have the information, tools, and support they need to positively move forward in their lives.  This means we will work with young people to set goals for the year and help them plan to achieve their goals.

Our youth workers have access to a local network of professionals if a referral is required. Young people might need extra support for a wide range of reasons both personal and educational and we will help them connect with the professional health services, mental health services and other specialist services they need.

Examples of goals young people might set are:

  • Personal Development such as build resilience, become more confident or motivated and less angry
  • Skill Development such as reading, writing, maths or job skills
  • Improved relationships: with family | with friends | with teachers | with self
  • Improvement in education or work: improved attendance | behavior | performance | attitude | other
  • Engaged or re-engage in education: School |  Training  | TAFE   |  University
  • Become employed and remain in that employment

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